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The 3 Different Types Of Web Hosting in Ireland

An excellent web hosting service is needed/required for a website to remain online and be able to serve target audiences and customers with ease. With the various types of web hosting services out there, it would be advisable to choose the right web hosting package based on your needs. Some of the essential factors to consider when shopping for a hosting service include speeds, bandwidth, DNS, space allocation, and uptime guarantee. All these are offered interchangeably in bits, also known as packages. The 3 main types of web hosting you need to know of include:

1. Shared Website Hosting

As the name suggests, shared web hosting basically means you have to share server resources, bandwidth, and even space with other customers. This hosting service is basically recommended for startup companies, blogs, and those who don’t expect thousands of visitors per day. As you may have suspected, shared hosting is relatively cheap, with some packages going for as low as $5 per month. While it may come in handy for small businesses, you have to share IP address with other websites, a fact some companies may not be able to put up with.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

This package offers more computing power and resources when compared to shared hosting. Among other benefits, you get root administrative privileges on the allocated server partition. This gives you the freedom to make tweaks, run codes, or even buy more bandwidth or dedicated RAM. Some knowledge of cPanel configurations is however needed to work with VPS hosting efficiently.

3. Dedicated Hosting in Ireland

This is by far, the most powerful hosting service you will get in the market. Dedicated hosting means you get unparalleled freedom on your own server. Unlike VPS and shared hosting where parts of the server are shared, you get the entire server and all in it to yourself. You are therefore assured of higher performance, more bandwidth, speed, at least 99.9% uptime, and even more space. Dedicated hosting is also more secure and less vulnerable to attacks.

These are basically the 3 main types of web hosting out there. Some of the best wordpress hosting of 2018 may split either of this for flexibility and convenience to suit your needs. Whatever your choice is, ensure security, speed, and uptime is guaranteed.