Major Tourism Campaign To Bring Summer Visitors To Ireland

Two major North American cities are expected to be at the forefront of a major new tourism drive to bring visitors to Ireland during the summer. Boston and Toronto will be the main areas of focus for the new ‘Jump Into Ireland‘ campaign.

The importance of the American market has been highlighted by the fact that the Tourism Ireland initiative is working with 1500 travel agents in nine US and Canadian cities.

Virtual tours of Ireland have been planned for the promotion as well as networking with hundreds of travel agents and media contacts in Boston and Toronto. Events have also been planned for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver in October.

Alison Metcalfe, vice-president of marketing in the US for Tourism Ireland, told the Irish Examiner:

“North America is a critically important market for tourism to the island of Ireland, second only to Great Britain in terms of visitor numbers. Visitors from North America stay longer, spend more than the average visitor, and tour more extensively around the island.

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