In Focus: Irish Co-Driver Develops Rally Preparation App

It’s not often we get to delve into the world of sport on In Focus, but to today we’re talking motorsport.

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In Focus: A Phoenix From The Flames – Skelligs Chocolate

One year ago Colm Healy arrived back from a trip to New York to find his business, Skelligs and Cocoa Bean Chcolates, had been gutted by a major fire. No one was hurt, but Colm and his team had lost everything that they had spent years building. So what was he to do? Continue reading

In Focus: Irish Company Rolls Out World’s First 5D Animation Experience

Dublin company vStream has developed the world’s first 5D animated experience. The 5D show, called ‘Elbow Saves Christmas’, has been rolled out Continue reading

In Focus: Turning Awkward Moments Into Treasured Memories

Being a Mother of two daughters’  Samantha Kelly started to contemplate how she would deal with the important milestone of the first period approaching.

Samantha says there is no manual given to parents on how to deal with each milestone as it approaches.  Continue reading

In Focus: The World’s First Smartphone Linked Heart Health Sensor

Zinc Software is a technology company engaged in developing preventative healthcare technology.  The company has developed the world’s first smartphone linked heart health sensor. Continue reading

In Focus: Sometimes The Simplest Ideas Are The Best – MotionFox High Viz Wear

MotionFox is a new start up providing a range of Irish designed hi-viz activewear. Started by two friends, one a committed cyclist the other a committed motorist, MotionFox bridges the gap between safety wear and sportswear with a range of fun, functional designs. Continue reading

In Focus: High Cost For High Rents As Retail Sector Loses Over 55,000 Jobs

Retail Excellence Ireland published a study today, showing that a refusal of landlords to reduce rent costs is leading to significant job losses within the retail sector.

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