Small Business Show with Gabriela Avram of 3D Camp

Gabriela AvramGabriela Avram is a lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Limerick, and one of the organisers of 3D Camp, which will be held on May 26th.  3D camp, she explains, is about how we interact with computers in the physical world and will cover topics such as mobile computing, augmented reality, geocaching and DIY Synthetic Biology!  It’s an informal conference on the ‘Barcamp‘ model, so it’s not only free to attend but participants are invited to shape the agenda, contribute and speak.

Also discussed in this week’s business news: Athlone’s planned Chinese exhibition centre; the latest data on new company registrations; free WiFi is launched in Clonmel; and Google bring Streetview indoors.

The Small Business Show is broadcast each weekend in syndication on Irish radio.  Items from the show are published as podcasts throughout the week on  You can subscribe for free to download the MP3s automatically using RSS or iTunes.

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