Small Business Show 33: Decisions, Percentages and 54 Hour Startups

Small Business Show 33: Decisions, Percentages and 54 Hour Startups

This week on the Small Business Show we are joined by Benoit Curdy. He is a Swiss national living here in Ireland who has helped to organise the Dublin Startup Weekend from the 2nd to the 4th of March. The weekend is designed to discuss the hot topics of the business angel community and to showcase four innovative companies raising finance demonstrating what Irish-based entrepreneurs have to offer. Their slogan for the weekend is No Talk, All Action – Launch a Startup in 54 hours.

The top story in our news segment can be nothing other than the referendum. Earlier this week the government announced that the country would have to decide wether or not we wanted to accept the new fiscal reforms set out by the EU in the Fiscal Compact. Financial analyst and educator Peter Tompkins gives us some sound advice on how best to make the decision which you feel is right, taken from a podcast done earlier this week.

In our other stories we discuss the Credit Review Office and their claim that Bank Of Ireland and AIB are lending to businesses, plus their 54% success rate in over turning bank decisions. We also discuss the story that the government is paying over 80% of it’s suppliers within 15 days as part of the new strategy to get businesses paid on time.

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This podcast is sponsored by – Custom design, print & mail service

This podcast is sponsored by – Custom design, print & mail service

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