Small Business Show 18: Snakes, Security and Biotechnology

Big ideas are centre stage on this week’s Small Business Show, from Irish researchers developing innovative cancer treatments, to the Galway Medical Engineering firm whose patents set it apart from the crowd.
Social Media Expert Pat Carroll of Touch Communications joins us to review the news and talk about last week’s Dublin Web Summit.  And the summit organiser, Paddy Cosgrave, explains why networking is so important in Silicon Valley’s culture of success.

Edel Mee of EmbraceIT explains what SMEs need to know about IT Security.

Kehlan travels to Galway for this week’s company focus.  Research and Development are at the core of Aerogen‘s development of patented nebuliser technology.  As a result, they’ve seen their products nominated for an award from Engineers Ireland, and they’ve been able to repatriate some manufacturing operations from China back to Ireland.

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