Search Engine Optimisation And Its Importance To My Website’s Google Visibility

Simplification of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is used to name the process of improving your website’s position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Usually, the sites that have a higher ranking in the SERPs will generate more traffic, leading to more business leads. You should aim at getting the most top ranking, but the feasibility of that is based on the market you are dealing with. Below are a few basic principles from SEO Sydney Agency that you could utilize to optimize your website and potentially get more traffic and leads.

1. Keyword Rich Content

‘Spiders’ is one of the many critical tools that many search providers like Microsoft (Bing) and Google utilize to evaluate your rankings. This spider is a software piece that crawls the web in an automated and systematic manner. They go through your website alongside everyone else’s to determine the original copy written and other things such as the use of phrases and keywords. This information is then used to measure your site’s relevance whenever a user enters a phrase or keyword into Bing, Google, or any other related search engine.

Keeping this in mind, you require to consider your target audience’s search habits and make sure that the terms they may use to know your business are found on your pages. A free useful tool for determining the keywords to use is the Google AdWords keyword tool. It’s made to assist prospective advertisers in discovering the most appropriate keywords for their particular market. After identifying your keywords, make sure that they are also seen in your pages’ metadata, as well as the pages’ body.


2. Linking

PageRank (PR) is a number given, usually out of 10, to your website depending on the inbound and outbound links. This also assists search engines in validating the trustworthiness of your site. If your site happens to be linked to another website with a high PageRank, the more your rank will be improved. There are some tips to consider if you want to raise your PageRank score. Make sure your site is linked to your social media content such as Google+. Yous should also try to be registered to free open directories like DMOZ or other professional bodies related to your market.


3. Making Sure Your Content Is Fresh

Search engine spiders tend to crawl more to your site if you keep updating the content of your pages. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to come up with a monthly task to add or delete pages, change images or text to ensure you regularly update your content.

4. Be Up-to-date With SEO

The algorithms utilized by Microsoft and Google to identify the order of the search results are subject to improvements and tweaks since they try to provide more precise search results ever. This means that it does pay to be updated with SEO.


Having said this, the above are vital principles that can rarely change significantly since they are the main determinants of your ranking. If you have a website, it is prudent to optimize it with SEO.