Photography Guide

A Basic Summer Photography Guide

If you are off for the summer, and you will be traveling, you are probably bringing your camera. You may be an amateur photographer that likes to take pictures of a wide variety of different things. You might prefer going into areas where there is a forest, or you may be addicted to taking pictures of the beach. Whether you are traveling to the city, or the country, there is always something to photograph. Here are a few suggestions from Oxford Photography on how you can take stunning pictures during your summer vacation.

What Are The Best Things To Photograph During The Summer Months?

Although traveling into a large city can offer you many opportunities for photography, going into natural settings is the best. That is because there is so much diversity in the number of things that you will see. There will be forests, rivers, lakes, deserts, and mountains that will have snow. When you are done taking your pictures, you will have a documented visual display of the journey that you have taken.

Best Natural Settings To Photograph

If you will be traveling into rural areas, it is highly recommended that you go to national parks. These are places that are protected for very obvious reasons. They are absolutely beautiful, locations that have waterfalls, forests, and even rivers. If you can visit at least one national park during the summer, this will give you hundreds of photographic opportunities. You could actually create a website based upon only your natural photography, all of which will be taken at these protected locations.

Cities That You Should Photograph

if you are the type of person that wants to travel to the cities, try to choose some of the largest ones. There are iconic skyscrapers that are there, as well as housing developments that were built over 100 years ago. All of these things will be easy to capture with your camera. Additionally, you will get to observe city life which means taking pictures of people will be something you should do. Once you are done in the city, you will then want to travel the coastal regions.

Coastal Areas That You Should Photograph

If you travel to the coast to get pictures, it is highly recommended that you go to the beaches that are the most famous. They will have sprawling sandy areas, and if your camera can go underwater, you might be able to do a little bit of snorkeling. If you can, head over to an island where you may see very unique animals. Coastal regions provide you with excellent opportunity during the summer months.

Head Into The Mountains

There are mountainous ranges that you should photograph, some of which may still have snow. They are tall enough, sometimes over 10,000 feet, places where snow simply will not melt. You can get excellent pictures of rock formations, rivers, streams, and so much more. When you walk through the forest, you will see trails, different types of trees, and beautiful locations that need to be photographed.

Travel To The Desert

If you will be going through states like Arizona, New Mexico, or even in Southern California in the United States, you will see areas that are absolutely desolate. Despite the fact that there are no trees, as well as very little vegetation, the landscape of desert sand dunes will make you addicted. You will always find a unique way to photograph the rolling sand in unique ways.

Take A Trip To Large Lakes

Assuming that you are in the United States, you can travel to states that have beautiful lakes that you can take pictures of. If you will be in California or Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a great place to start. If you are heading east, the Great Lakes are wonderful places to get pictures. There are a multitude of links all over the world, each of which will photograph beautifully.

Fly To An Island

The last place that you should go is an island. Although there are some that you can take a boat to, the best ones are often thousands of miles away. If you are able to, book a flight to Hawaii it’s a wonderful time to visit during the summer months. Once there, you can take pictures of virtually everything that you have already taken, but it will be much more beautiful and colorful.

UK Photography Tips – Summary

Once your summer vacation is over, you should have thousands of pictures that you have taken. You will be able to categorize them all, labeling them for each location that you have visited. If you take the time to plan out your trip, you could go to all of these spots in a very reasonable amount of time. Just make sure that you have plenty of batteries for your camera, and a disk that can hold tens of thousands of pictures, you can keep track of the places you visited that summer.