Dog Trainers in Ireland

How to Choose the Right Dog Trainer

How much do you love your dog and do you consider your dog as a part of your family? If yes, then welcome to the club of dog lovers.  Dogs are full of fun, energy and lots of…lots of love! It is obvious that any dog owner would want his/her dog to be obedient, kind, loving and behaved. Now, dogs can be kind and loving, but sometimes they are not that much obedient and well-behaved. They act like a child (though we absolutely love it), but they need to obey your commands too. Make sure you visit Dog Training Ireland site for dog training tutorials and puppy tips.

So, how can you train your dog? Of course, there are online courses, but it can become difficult to train your dog with rigorous and tough working schedule that is already making life more hectic than ever. This is where you need a dog trainer. The question is that how can one find the right dog trainer? Well, there are some things that you need to look for when you start your quest to find your “dream dog trainer”. Let’s have a look at them:


It is the first important step that you have to take – no matter if it consumes some time. Make a list of all the dog trainers and make sure that you make 5 sections in front of every dog trainer that you find. The titles of these sections should be Methodology, Experience, Staying Current, References, and Price Rates.


This is one of the aspects that you need to look for in a dog trainer. Many dog trainers have different methods and quite possibly those methods are successful too. It is imperative for you that you choose a dog trainer based on how he trains dogs. You can ask the dog trainer about their philosophy when it comes to training a dog. Many dog trainers look at dogs as their own kids and they train them with affection, whereas some dog trainers believe in discipline. Here is a problem-solving tip for you. Check for yourself whether your dog is calm by nature or if he is a naughty little kid. You can go for a disciplined dog trainer if your dog is not much well-behaved. But then again, learning capability of a dog varies from one dog to another.




Modern Behavioral Science says that punishment-based training techniques are less effective than positive reinforcement.


It is important that you do not choose a dog trainer who believes that some sort of punishment is necessary to make a dog learn. Go for a dog trainer who trusts positive reinforcement more than other old-techniques.


You might have heard that it is hard to find a substitute for “Experience.” It is quite true, and the reasons are obvious; an experienced trainer can have over 10-15 years of dog training, and they become familiar with typical nature of dogs. An experienced dog trainer has valuable insights about dog training and he/she can easily handle and train your dog in a short time.


Ask dog trainers what they are doing to stay current with the dog training field. There are always certificate programs and conferences coming out, and this means that you can ask a dog trainer to show his/her certificates or anything related to it. If a dog trainer claims about saying up-to-date, but can’t produce any evidence to back that claim – you better start looking somewhere else!


For many people, references play a pivotal role in decision making. And of course, it has to work this way! References are crucial since they let you know whether a dog trainer is as good as he advertises or not. It is important that you ask the dog trainer about references. He/she can give you the contact information of previous clients. In this modern age of technology, everyone is on social media platforms. So, you can check the reviews on the website or Facebook page of the dog trainer.


You have to check whether the dog trainer is charging way too much or not. It is best that you ask each and every dog trainer in your list to give you the best rate for dog training services. It is important that you mention all the price rates on the list that you made at the start.


Now that you have all the information, it is time to make a decision. Make sure that you choose a dog trainer that fits your requirements.


It can become a tough task to find quality dog trainers in Dublin. If you are looking for an experienced and skilled dog trainer in a reasonable price range then you need to visit dog training ireland website. You’ll be surprised to know how many experienced and distinguished dog trainers there are on dog training ireland website. Make sure that you fully inquire before hiring a dog trainer. Take care!