Business Data

Tips To Getting Good Business Data.

Business data is any information that is captured and stored by a business as an asset, this information can be used in strategising, day to day operations, forecasting and decision making. Business data need to be accurate in order for it to be viable and be able to be used effectively, even so it is hard to ensure 100% accuracy but you may be able to get closely accurate and data. Here are some tips to getting good business data:

● Engaging Customers
In order to get first hand data of customer experiences in your company, you need to engage customers directly. You need to get feedback from your customers about your services, ask them to rate your company or services, give out questionnaires for them to answer, establish a feedback system for customers to send in complaints and compliments. Make sure to record all information that is derived from engaging customers. First hand information is valuable and is accurate since it is how a customer perceives your product and as a company.

● Hiring A Third Party Data Collection Company
You may seek the services of a third party data company that will collect, analyse and provide relevant information to your company. You must select a reputable company that experience in data collection. You may not have the necessary resources to obtain such data thus you need to purchase the information from a third party that solely concentrates on data collection. Data such as market trends, population preferences, market stakes can be obtained from a third party hence making your work easier.

● Establish A Quality Control Department
This department will ensure that product quality is maintained and observed. A quality control department will specialise on product specifics that they need to record. They will create information such as work flows, product specifications and they will work on how to develop a product further. A quality control department will make sure that there are no discrepancies as they work to ensure the product meets documented specifications

● Auditing Data
Auditing is a review of all data in a company or establishment. You should do an audit of all data to remove discrepancies, redundancies and irregular data. An audit ensures accuracy of data thus giving it an approval to be correct. An audit may be internal or external, internal being that the audit is done by personnel from your company. External audit is done by a third party company that specialises in auditing. An external audit is preferred since there are no strings and they may find discrepancies that an internal personnel may try to hide or cook. Auditing should be done at least once a year to ensure accuracy of the current data that the company has

● Good Storage
Information is valuable, thus it must be stored correctly for it to maintain its value. You should invest on good storage for your data, always keep up with technology when it comes to storage, as technology advances so does information storage facilities advance making data even more valuable as risks are minimised. Create a backup of all the information in your company and make sure the backup is also safe, continue to back up all data as it is obtained to avoid any loss of data. Minimise storing data in hard copies, its better to invest on soft copy solutions. such as cloud storage and SSD’s

● Secure Data
Secure your information by limiting access to it. Only avail information on a need to know basis, avail certain information only to people who need to use it,don’t grant access to all company data as it may get compromised. Invest on security options that will defend against hacking and malware.