Are We Turning The Proverbial Corner?

Are We Turning The Proverbial Corner?

KBC Bank Ireland & Chartered Accountants Ireland have brought out a survey which they say is the most positive business climate since 2007.

The new survey revealed an improvement in activity levels across a wide range of Irish businesses in early 2012.

The survey revealed:

-That job gains are now matching job losses for the first time in over four years.

–  significant divergences remain between sectors, the first part of the year was less difficult for most companies.

– that while the next 12 months will be difficult for Irish firms, the economic recovery is expected to strengthen and broaden.

The survey found that while Irish businesses are taking a very cautious view of the economic outlook, it predicted that the recovery will be firmly established within three years.

The overall outlook was that while businesses are still very cautious about the economy and there is a belief that a recovery will be well on it’s way by 2015.

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