How to FInd A Good Lawyer

Tips For Finding a Good Lawyer

It’s said that having a reliable lawyer is worth his or her weight in gold since they can help you stay out of jail, help with lawsuits and offer sound legal advice. However, what makes a lawyer good? What should you look for in a lawyer when searching for legal representation? Well, here are a few tips on finding a good lawyer.

Hiring the right type of solicitor is crucial when looking for the right kind of legal representation. There are many types of lawyers, all trained to handle different types of legal issues. You will come across personal injury lawyers, health care lawyers, criminal lawyers, etc. So, the first tip in choosing the right lawyer is finding one that specialises in the legal field you need assistance in. Choosing a property lawyer for a discrimination case at the workplace won’t do you much good.

Experience is the next thing to consider. A lawyer’s experience is invaluable if you want to win a case. It is usually better to choose a lawyer who has been in the business for a significant period, usually at least five years. Always ask if the lawyer has experience in the field of law you need representation, and be sure to seek out the best whether you’re looking for the best lawyer in London or the best Belfast law firm 2018.

The lawyer’s credentials are ideally relevant when choosing a lawyer. Important credentials to ask for include a lawyer’s degree, the college they attended, their scores on the BAR examination and even licensing.

It does not matter how you find the lawyer. It can be through recommendations from friends and family members who may have used their services before or through a local internet search. However, if you want the best legal representation, ensure that the potential lawyer has experience in the area you need assistance and has impeccable credentials. Make the legal system work in your favour by using these simple tips.

Business Start Up Tips – Ireland

Starting A Business in Ireland


Business can be tough. There’s no doubt about that, and thats why it is important to learn as much as you can about the venture that you’re considering entering as you can upfront, before you spend any money. You want to start by working out your costs, fixed and variable. Once you know that then its to consider how much you can sell.

How many units can you sell a day? What is the profit margin? How many units do you need to sell at assigned profit margin to cover your costs? How will you sell those units? If you’re relying on passing trade, do you have the footfall, and so on.

If there is one tip we can share it is to spend as little money as possible at the beginning until you get a feel for how the business will work in reality, going beyond the theory of your business plan. Take your time and adjust as things change, and of course spend as little money as you can. Good luck!